Artesanal FI Fixed Income

The objective of the fund’s investment policy is to increase the value of its shares by investing its portfolio in financial assets and/or fixed income modalities available in the financial markets and/or fixed income and capital operational modalities in general, linked to the variation of fixed or floating interest rates and/or price indexes.

  • Initial Date: June 13, 2016
  • Target Audience: Investors in general.
  • Anbima Rating: Fixed Income Free Duration Free Credit.
  • Initial Minimum Investment: R$ 100.00
  • Minimum Trading: R$ 100.00
  • Minimum Balance to Remain in the Fund: R$ 100,00
  • Withdrawal: D+0 (same day of withdrawal request).
  • Management Fee: 0,5% p.a.
  • Performance Fee: Does not apply.
  • Tax Regime: Long term**
  • Management: Banco Genial S.A.
  • Custody: Banco B3 S.A.

**This fund will pursue the tax treatment for long-term funds. Returns will be subject to semi-annual withheld taxes of 15%, on the last working day of the months of May and November of every year, and will be treated as an anticipation of the tax due. Upon withdrawal, an additional rate is applied depending on the term of the investment: • 22.5% on investments held for up to 180 days • 20% on investments held from 181 to 360 days • 17.5% on investments held from 361 to 720 days • 15% on investments held over 720 days.

Fund Date Quota (R$) Day Month Year 12M Inception NAV (R$)
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Profitability Chart